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99+ Types of Digital Content You Can Make


11 May, 2019

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Digital Content

How much time do you spend creating content? If you’re anything like me, you probably don’t even realize it. I often get caught up in my day-to-day activities without giving enough thought to the amount of time I spend creating content.

Content creation has become a major part of our lives. In fact, according to Cisco, 80% of global data traffic will be video by 2020. That means that if you want to stay relevant, you need to create high quality content.

There are several ways to create content. Some are easier than others, but they all require some level of effort. The good news is that you don’t need to master them all. Instead, focus on the ones that suit your style and interests.

You can use any type of digital media for content creation: images, videos, audio files, presentations, documents, etc.

Here are 99 types of digital content you can make.

99+ types of digital content:

1. Images

Images are one of the most commonly used forms of digital content. They can be used as standalone items or incorporated into other types of content.

2. Videos

Videos are another common form of digital content. They have been around since the early days of computers and continue to grow in popularity.

3. Audio Files

Audio files are also popular forms of digital content. There are many different kinds of audio files including MP3s, podcasts, audiobooks, music, and more.

4. Presentations

Presentations are great when you want to share information with people who aren’t familiar with your company or industry.

5. Documents

Documents are useful for sharing important information with clients, partners, employees, and anyone else.

6. Infographics

Infographics are visual representations of information. They are easy to understand and can help users gain an understanding of complex topics quickly.

7. Websites

Websites are the easiest way to share information online. Many websites contain static pages, which only change when someone visits them.

8. Ebooks

Ebooks are electronic books. They are usually created using ePub format.

9. Apps

Apps are small programs designed to perform specific tasks. For example, there are apps that allow users to take pictures, send text messages, play games, listen to music, and so on.

10. Software

Software is computer software. It includes applications, utilities, and operating systems.

11. Video Games

Video games are fun! And they can be used for business purposes too.

12. 3D Models

Models are three dimensional objects. They are typically used for animation and game development.

13. Animations

Animations are short clips that loop continuously. They can be used for marketing, branding, and social media posts.

14. Motion Graphics

Motion graphics are animated elements that appear in movies, television shows, and commercials.

15. Web Pages

Web pages are web-based versions of traditional print materials. They include articles, brochures, flyers, and more.

16. White Papers

White papers are written documents that provide detailed information about a particular topic.

17. Reports

Reports are written documents that summarize information from various sources.

18. Articles

Articles are longer pieces of writing. They can be published on blogs, website, or printed material.

19. Blog Posts

Blog posts are similar to articles. But instead of being long, they tend to be shorter.

20. Podcasts

Podcasts are like radio broadcasts that are available through podcasting platforms.

21. Quizzes

Quizzes are question and answer sessions where participants submit answers via email or online.

22. Surveys

Surveys are questions asked by customers or potential customers. The responses are then analyzed to determine what changes should be made to improve products and services.

23. Case Studies

Case studies are written documents that describe how a certain problem was solved.

24. How To Guides

How to guides are step-by-step instructions that teach users how to complete a task.

25. Diaries

Diaries are personal journals that record events as they happen.

26. Memos

Memos are short notes that remind people of something.

27. Product Descriptions

Product descriptions are written documents that explain the features of a product.

28. Slideshows

Slide shows are presentations that have slides. These slides can be images, videos, charts, etc.

29. Presentations

Presentations are formal speeches given at conferences, meetings, or other events.

30. Whitepapers

Whitepapers are written documents that provide company news and updates.

31. Business Plans

Business plans are written documents that detail the goals and strategies of a business.

32. Proposals

Proposal writing is an essential skill for any job seeker. A proposal is a document that describes your skills, experience, qualifications, and accomplishments.

33. Resumes

Resumes are written documents that list your professional history.

34. Cover Letters

Cover letters are brief introductions that accompany resumes.

35. LinkedIn Profiles

LinkedIn profiles are written documents that contain all relevant contact information.

36. Email Marketing

Email marketing is a type of digital content that includes emails sent to prospects. It’s usually used to promote sales, but it can also be used to inform customers.

37. Social Media Post

Social media post is a form of digital content that contains text, photos, video, links, and more.

38. Tweets

Tweets are messages posted to Twitter accounts.

39. Facebook Updates

Facebook updates are posts that appear in your Facebook news feed.

40. Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are posts that appear in the “Stories” section of your profile.

41. Pinterest Pins

Pinterest pins are small images that link back to websites.

42. Google Ads

Google ads are paid advertisements on search engines such as Google.

43. YouTube Videos

YouTube videos are short clips that include text, pictures, and music.

44. Snapchat Snaps

Snapchat snaps are short videos that disappear after viewing.

45. SlideShare Presentation

A slide share presentation is an online slideshow that allows viewers to view and comment on them.

46. Blog Posts

Blog posts are articles that are published on blogs. They often include links to related pages.

47. Websites

Websites are webpages that use HTML code to display content.

48. Webinars

Webinars are live streaming presentations that can be viewed from anywhere.

49. Video Tutorials

Video tutorials are short training sessions that show you how to perform tasks.

54. Audio Books

Audio books are recorded versions of novels that can be listened to while exercising or driving.

55. White Papers

White papers are written documents that describe new products or services.

56. Articles

Articles are written pieces that discuss specific topics.

57. Quizzes

Quizzes are questionnaires that test knowledge about a topic.

58. Surveys

Surveys are questionnaires that ask respondents to provide answers to questions.

59. Case Studies

Case studies are written documents that describe real-life situations.

60. Checklists

Checklists are lists of items that must be completed before starting a project.

61. How-To Guides

How-to guides are step-by-step instructions for performing common tasks.

62. FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

FAQs are frequently asked questions that explain a product or service.

63. Product Descriptions

Product descriptions are detailed descriptions of products.

64. Software Reviews

Software reviews are written evaluations of software programs.

65. Press Releases

Press releases are announcements made by companies to journalists.

66. LinkedIn Profiles

LinkedIn profiles are professional networking sites where people connect with others.

67. Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing campaigns are emails sent to customers to promote sales.

71. Online Forms

Online forms are webpages that collect information from visitors.

72. Landing Pages

Landing pages are webpages that prompt visitors to take action.

73. Lead Generation Form

Lead generation form is a webpage used to capture email addresses from interested parties.

74. Business Cards

Business cards are small paper slips that contain contact details.

75. Newsletters

Newsletters are newsletters that inform readers about upcoming events, news, etc.

76. Event Invitations

Event invitations are invitations to attend an event.

77. Powerpoint Presentations

Powerpoint presentations are slide shows that present facts and figures.

78. Contact Lists

Contact lists are collections of names and numbers that businesses use to communicate with each other.

79. Blog Posts

Blog posts are articles posted online that share ideas and opinions.

82. Customer Service Emails

Customer service emails are messages sent to customers who have contacted customer support.

90. Quora Answers

Quora answers are brief responses to commonly asked questions.

91. Wikipedia Articles

Wikipedia articles are written documents describing topics in detail.

95. Amazon Products

Amazon products are items sold on

97. Product Descriptions

Product descriptions are detailed product listings that provide information about a specific item.

98. Memes

Memes are short videos or images that spread quickly over the Internet.

99. Product Reviews

Product reviews are written evaluations of products.

100. User Generated Content

User generated content is any type of content created by users.

101. Lists

Lists are ordered collections of items.

102. Live Video

Live video is a live stream of audio and/or video that can be viewed on websites such as YouTube.

103. Live Chats

Live chats are conversations between two or more individuals that occur via instant messaging services.

104. Photo Galleries

Photo galleries are collections of photos that may be displayed individually or together.

105. Polls

Polls are surveys that ask respondents to answer yes or no questions.

106. Case Studies

Case studies are examples of how a company has implemented its business strategy.

107. Client Testimonials

Client testimonials are statements made by clients about their experiences working with a company.

108. Guest posts

Guest posts are blog entries written by someone else for publication on another website.

109. Interviews

Interviews are discussions between interviewees and interviewers.

110. Research & Data

Research & data are statistics gathered through research and analysis.

111. Press Releases

Press releases are announcements about new products, partnerships, etc.

112. White Papers

White papers are long-form documents that describe a topic in depth.

113. GIFS

GIFS (Graphics Interchange Format) are animated images.


The above list of 100 types of digital content was compiled using Google’s search engine results for “types of digital content”. The only caveat being that this list does not include all possible types of digital content. For example, it doesn’t include podcasts, which are often considered forms of digital content. It also doesn’t include many types of content that aren’t actually digital, such as handwritten notes and physical books.

While there are certainly hundreds of different types of digital content out there, these are some of the most common ones. If you want to learn more about what exactly constitutes digital content, check out our guide: What Is Digital Content?


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