SproutCluster Successful Launching

On and about 2nd August 2018 "The Launch Day"

On 2nd August 2018 we launched a whole new concept of human network. In this network we invite people who are related to the SEO, SMM, Blogging and Digital Marketing in any manner.

This community is supported by Ceswei Software Pvt. Ltd. and maintained by its core members. Minds behind this community are absolutely open for adding more into community core members.

We decided to provide a no. of features and benefits to the community members and have architect the 3 whole new platforms for the same.

We will discuss about the community features and platforms in detail later. First I would like to introduce SproutCluster Community in detail.

What is SproutCluser “The Community”?


This is the very first question we encounter every time when we introduce or invite someone about our community. There are some more questions and prediction like:

Is this like ***** website?

Some of your workflow matches to ***** company.

But then we let them know that it is a close community and only verified Bloggers, SEO, SMM, Digital Marketer, Digital Service and SaaS provider can join this.


80% times this opening statement for introduction eliminates predictions and make our standing alone and in frontline of its type.

Remain 20% predictions eliminates with our second sentence. In this sentence we describe why we are calling them, why it’s necessary? This sentence eliminates all the rest predictions and workflow matchmaking, because this is our condition to add any member finally in the community.

When we let them know our first condition of joining the community, that is “We will verify each and every registration form, by calling them (mostly on phone). Only if we will assure that any particular will be useful for community and will contribute to it, they will be added to community.”

After getting this, everyone appreciates us for this new initiative and believe on our authenticity. You too can…….

After that we start to introduce the features and benefits what we will offer them after becoming one of us.

These figures will absolutely do not blow your mind. But still an impressive figure to pump us up to work next day for community.

  • 25 Registrations 95% 95%
  • 15 Approved Members 70% 70%
  • 8 Pending Approval 55% 55%
  • 2 Rejected Application 10% 10%
  • 0 Membership Denied 0% 0%

Why to call each and every member is necessary to verify?

Here at SproutCluster we believe that the fluent communication is the main key of smooth workflow. To call and verify each member from India is the first and one of the many steps to keep our community clean and authentic.

Without interacting with everyone, you can’t figure out who is really want to be one of us or who can contribute to the community?

After verifying each member will give us enough data about them to control their activity, and make sure that no one is disturbing the workflow for community.

After visiting our website or listen from other our members sometime people are unable to figure out “What SproutCluster actually is?”

To explain about our community, our workflow and benefits it is necessary to call them before approving their membership. On call we usually open for any kind of questions or queries.

After all the discussion and explanation, we offer them once again the authority to deny the community membership.

Well, till now we do not get any negative feedback and we are really proud of our team and workflow architects.

Benefits of becoming a SproutCluster member


A ton of benefits, which we describe on call to every member. We will publish the separate article about this. In that article we will describe all the benefits of becoming one of the SproutCluster Community member.

Here I’m trying to give you an idea of benefits, which every community members will grab.

We will provide them pro access to our “Forum” platform for free. On this platform only our verified members will have access and will ask question or answer to anyone. Forum will open for any on-topic discussion, suggestions or questions. But we are very strict on spamming, and believe us “We will not let you do.” If you’re thinking about that.

Forum is continuously under the monitoring and all spamming or personal promotional posts will get removed and users will get warning. Next time if will get caught of offending any rule again than they will lose their membership and access from all our platforms and benefits.

Another benefit is members can write for community blog. On this community blog anyone can write and we will publish their article with their name and contact details. They can get do-follow backlink from their article and traffic to their website or blog.

Now, come to the main point. We provide you, what you need. Like everyone will need of Social Media Automation tool. We provide our members for free and Email marketing tools too. These two tools mostly using by everyone and paying hefty amount for it. But we make this expense nill for our members and will allow them to use it for free.

And some more benefits, which our joined members know already and you’ll get to know, when we will call you back to verify your membership registration.

Thank You Very Much!

Thank you very much for your support and positive feedback. We are pumped up from the first day response and now believing that yes “We have a long way to go, we took this first step.” But your support and enthusiasm make our step stronger. You guys give us the motive to celebrate our launching.

If you also want to share your thoughts then please share with us in comment section.