SproutCluster Second Giveway

SEO Deep Analysis Tool- Grow your SEO score like never before

Its 27th August and time to announce about SproutCluster’s second and next giveaway.

It was quite interesting and excited actually. This time you are about to get one of the best and most cost-saving giveaway for you.

Would you like to have an SEO Tool this time?

Yes, It’s an SEO Tool for you. We didn’t name it yet and like to call it “SEO Tool by Sprout Cluster”.

You’ll glad to know that we are done with setting things up for this tool and now it’s in trial actually. Some of our community members, it means few of you are already testing it and ensuring that all things are working fine.

OK, so, excitement part is done here and now you know that it will be an SEO tool. Now, you must be eager to know about its functionality, features and available options.

Of course nothing is perfect on this planet, but the most beautiful things about our human being is to try to develop things. And same like that we are continuously working on the tool to make it more useful and at the same time setting things up for your next and third installment of the giveaway.

Not like this giveaway you’ll get a notification for that giveaway. That will be a surprise, and most of the giveaways will be a surprise.

What about our Last Giveaway? (100 GB Free Lifetime Cloud Storage)

We were thrilled with the response on our launching date, and our members keep us thrilled till yet with their reaction.

Yes, that is a successful giveaway and people like it pretty much. You can read about the success of our first giveaway here, where we describe each and everything about that giveaway.

Till then we have distributed 5.5 TB of Cloud Storage but till now (at the time of writing the article) that figure is increased to 6.7 TB.

In that, our announcement, reason for the celebration we were talking about our next giveaway, and in this announcement you are reading about the same.



More about this Free to use SEO Tool for SproutCluster’s Member


When will this tool launch?

It will launch on 6th September 2018. Timing to go live for members will be of 00:30 am +5:30 GMT

Who will get access to this Free SEO tool?

Of course, this will be free to access and use, but this tool will be distributed only to SproutCluster online community members. As like all other and first giveaway.

All our members will get access under 24 hrs. of the launching of this giveaway.

What if I’m not Sprout Cluster Online Community Member?

Then my question will, why you are not till yet?

It’s free, supportive to all members, full of giveaways and provides you the exposure more than you think.

Well, It’s OK, if you do not join the SproutCluster till yet. You can join now, and you will get access to all our provided giveaways till yet. (If possible)

Many of our services and giveaways are accessible for a long time, and the services which are providing by our end will be accessible for the lifetime. But if any giveaway was bounded with the time frame, then you’ll not be able to get that.

Like now on (27th August 2018) too, we are distributing our first giveaway of Free Lifetime Cloud Storage of 100 GB, but it’s not guaranteed that you’ll be able to get any time.

But this service is providing by our end, so don’t worry about the time frame. Whenever you join Sprout Cluster, you’ll be able to get it. If you didn’t get, you could contact us anytime, through the mentioned communication medium described in our ‘Contact Us’ page.

How Powerful this tool is?

Here is a bit of screenshot and we will try to give you an exact idea, that how powerful this tool is. And with the discussion on the feature, you’ll get to know that how powerful this tool is.

Let’s start with the interface.

Login link to sign in into this tool will reveal into launch announcement by the core of Sprout Cluster online community. And our all members will get their access link and credentials to this tool via mail, WhatsApp or Phone. (Whatever will be convenient.)

Now Discuss its features and functionalities.

As you can see in the screenshot that, there are a lot of functionalities available in this tool. To describe all of them here in this one article is not possible. But you do not need to worry.

At the launching date you’ll get a documentation kind of article, and there you’ll get all the related information to use this.

This Free SEO tool for SproutCluster members is, and you can analyze here all about your website and visitor. To get the detailed and regular report about your site and visitors you’ll need to embed a tracking code on your website, and the tool will automatically start to analyze for you.

Social Network Analysis Report will show you, how popular your website or contents on the social media networks is.

Rank and Index Analysis report is once again necessary to know more about your domain and their reputation online.


In Domain Analysis you can analyse your domain and any domain which you want. The same you can do with the IP analysis and more you can do here. Here you can find the other domain which is available on the same IP address.

In the Link Analysis section, you can deeply analyse the incoming and outgoing link of any URL. If there is any backlink provided, then that is “Do-Follow” or “No-Follow” you can check here, and more.

In keyword analyser, you can see any website from the eyes of any Search Engine’s keyword picker. What could be the used keyword for the website, a single word keyword, double word keyword till the four words keyword. Keyword Position tracker is the tool where you can track the positioning of the domain in google for any specific keyword.

Backlink and Ping analyser is mainly used to track your backlinks and manage them. By security tool you can scan your website for free to check that, is your website malware affected or not?


Google URL shortener service is to shorten your URL. But unfortunately this service has been shut down by Google, and if before 31st March 2018, you hadn’t shortened any of your URL then you’ll not be able to use this. And after 31st March 2019, this service finally will be close down forever.

Utilities menu is quite an intriguing option in this whole SEO Tool, and it is compelling at the same time. Here are the services under this menu:

Code Minifier is again a valuable tool to increase your site’s SEO score and enhance the chances for visibility of your website in search engine results.

“Closure Note” for this Announcement

This is the most possible shortened description of this SEO tool. But when you start using this service, you’ll find much more in this to explore and use for your growth in blogging.

This Free SEO Tool will be dedicated to all our community members and all future members. If you did not join the SproutCluster till yet then you are missing something, JOIN NOW.

Don’t be selfish, spread a few words about us in your digital circle and with your friends and colleagues. And let them use our services too.

See you soon on the launching of this SproutCluster SEO tool. Take care and Happy Blogging till than.

Thanking You!

Team Sprout Cluster.