SiteGround Hosting Review

January 09, 2019
SiteGround Web Hosting Review

SiteGround! the most popular web hosting company. If you’ve been looking for an outstanding web hosting company for your blog ow website, there is impossible you haven’t heard this name.

Nowadays, more than 2 million active websites hosted on SiteGround.

Small or professional bloggers, startup websites, business websites, and large ecommerce websites can all use SiteGround.

In 2020, you can safely host your blog, website, or online business with Siteground.

Now, If you are looking new hosting provider for your new blog/website, SiteGround can top option for you to consider.

Normally $11.95/month Free SSL, email, CDN, &  backup Recommended by WordPress 30 days money back guarantee Get a 67% discount

It is an excellent choice for anyone, either you are going to host your first website or nth website. Also, SiteGround’s plans offer free migration or transfer so you can easly transfer your existing site from any other hosting provider to SiteGround.

This article will give you a better understanding of web hosting types, plans, and features offered by SiteGround. This Guide will help you to decide to determine if SiteGround is the best web hosting plan for your needs.

SiteGround Review from Experts

SiteGround is well known and most recommended web hosting companies. They are providing top-notch customer support and fast, reliable web hosting plans. They hav also providing WordPress optimized web hosting, which includes everything required by a blogger to run a successful blog. Read this complete guide to find out if SiteGround is the right choice for you.

In this detailed SiteGround review, I have put all the tests have done to check the hosting and plans performance. These are the area of SiteGround Plans we will look into:

  • Performance:- Speed is the first requirement for website/blog success. We will test and check how fast your website will load with SiteGround?
  • Reliability:- Your website is running without downtime, or it is facing issues with availability.
  • Customer Support:- How their customer support services, are they enough to solve your hosing issues?
  • Features:- Are they offering all required features and tools to build your websites or blog?
  • Pricing:- The pricing plans of SiteGround is attractive or costly as per the features. Are there any running offers or deals that can save you money.

Bottom line:- Don’t have enough time to read all the details? Let me summarize it for you, but you will get a better understanding after reading all the details. So, you can bookmark this article and try to read it in your free time.

Time-saving quick summarize for you:-

I have found the SiteGround is one of the best hosting providers in the market. It provides unbitable, faster, and extremely reliable hosting with flexible plans. Its customer support is remarkable and enough to run your website without any issue and downtime.

These are the reason we have chosen to recommend SitGround as one of the best WordPress hosting providers.

Now, the time to go through detailed information about SiteGround offers, so you can get how I reached into that conclusion and decide for yourself.


About SiteGround

The SiteGround company was founded in 2004 and grown into the most reputated web hosting company recommended by almost all websites or blog owners.

Now, SiteGround has more than 500 employees and hosts more than 500,000 websites/blogs. It has data centers on three continents and has offices in 6 locations with headquarter in Sofia, Bulgaria.

SiteGround Web Hosting

Pros and Cons of SiteGround

You can’t find and hosting companies with cons, and everyone has some pros and cons. Sometimes advantages of the service provider can overshadow the disadvantages. Still, some of the drawbacks you can’t consider in your hosting provider become a deal-breaker for your needs.

Before you decide anything about SiteGround, you should go through with these pros and cons.


These are some of the SiteGround’s advantages that make it the most popular and recommended hosting service provider in the world.

  • Super fast servers:- SiteGround using the latest technologies and hardware like SSD drive and custom tools and software that helps you to make your site is super fast. It use highly optimized services for speed and performance.
  • Top Notch Customer Support:- SiteGround provides customer support and service like fantastic, offering 24/7 ticketing tools, live chat, and phone support.
  • Free CDN and SSL:- They provide Cloudflare’s free CDN integration and supports for free SSL certificates from Let’s Encrypt.
  • Multiple Server Locations:- SiteGround has data centers in three continents and providing an option to choose your prefered location during signup.


Like pros, every company has cons or disadvantages that helps you to decide the offered services suite for your needs or not. These are some disadvantages found in SiteGround Web Hosting.

  • Limited Storage:- SiteGround never provides service with unlimited storage like other companies, and It gives plans with fixed storage. But, as per me, the storage is quite enough for a blog or website. If you are a new blogger, you never need extra storage for your blog.
  • Setup Fee:- SiteGround charge for setup fee if you go with the monthly billing, which is around $14.95. But if you signup for an extended period such as 12, 24, or 36 months you will get good discounts, and there is no setup fee. It also offers 30 days money-back guarantee, so I suggest choosing an extended period at the time of signup.

SiteGround Performance

Performance is the most important thing to consider when choosing a hosting provider for your website. Even price is the one thing we think to select a web host, but we can’t compromise with performance.

Because of this, only I thought to test on SiteGround by host one site there and review SiteGround’s performance for you.

Speed Test on SiteGround

When we talk about site performance, the speed of the site is performing an important role. It is one of the critical keys which you can’t compromise with your host. The faster website is good for the user experience and helps boost your SEO at the same time.

As per my experience, I believe a single second delay can decrease by 7.5% conversion, 13% page views, and 21% customer satisfaction.

Now you decide, speed is an essential factor for your website or not.

You can see below how page load times impact your business:

Website Load Time

To test SiteGround performance, we created a wordpress site on SiteGround and filled it with theme development’s dummy content with images.

After configuring everything on test wordpress website use Pingdom’s website speed test tool to run tests, and we got the result as below:

SiteGround Speed Test result

In the above test result, you can see the site load in less than a second (683 ms), and I performed this test from USA San Francisco.

This speed is incredible for any site, but as we hosted a new test site, there is no traffic, So I would suggest the Pingdom test is not enough to know how your website will perform when actual traffic comes to your site.

To check how my site would perform to increase actual traffic, we can use another tool called LoadImpact.

This tool sends upto 100 users to see how the server would respond to loaded traffic from multiple connections.

The test result you can see in the chart below:

SiteGround Test on loadimpact

The green line is the number of virtual users accessing the site, the purple line is representing the request rate, and the blue line is response time or page load time.

SiteGround performance in respect of load time is almost constant except for spike, and when it reached 50 users on site, it quickly balanced and gave a content performance for numbers of users. So, it indicates that SiteGround capable of handling more traffic with the constant response or load time.

Generally, when you host your website on shared hosting, the website gets slowdown in traffic hours because your site is sharing the resources of hardware with other websites. But in the case of SiteGround, we have checked and found it is enough to allocate server resources to run the website without any issue.

Most of the shared hosting providers killing server processes if your website is taking too many server resources (CPU and RAM). These are the causes which give downtime for your website frequently.

We have configured many of the website monitoring tools and found 100% site uptime.

SiteGround Downtime

SiteGround Server Response Time

Website page load time depends on multiple components of websites, and two elements are playing an essential role in page load time. One is page content, and the second is server response time.

Your website load time depends on request calls and page content like image, scripts, etc. if your website contains more images with a high definition, than definitely, your page load time will increase.

Maximum website speed test tools available in the market are giving an overall analysis, including website components and servers, etc.

Website component controlled by you so main technical dependencies is the server response time that you can check on a fantastic tool called Bitcatcha. It ignores the page content and measures the server response time.

Bitcatcha gives you server response time or loading time from different global locations. This tool checks server load time three times from each location and finally gives average load time as a result.

You can check load time result in below screenshot:

SiteGround's Server response time

You can see in the above report that SiteGround is the right option for website or blog hosting as server response is very low. In this case, page load speed is dependent on your page content.

It has less than one second response time from any location of the globe. This response time also depends on the location of your hosting website. Better to choose data center location according to your targeted customer, client, or audience.

SiteGround Hosting Plans and Features

SiteGround offered multiple types of hosting, like shared hosting, WordPress hosting, Cloud hosting, Dedicated hosting, etc., if you are a new start with shared hosting, which is affordable and reasonable. When your site has grown, you can upgrade the plan or hosting types.

Here you can check SiteGround’s hosting types and features:

  • Shared hosting:- Shared hosting is perfect for a new website or blog. It suite for fewer traffic websites because in shared hosting, websites are sharing server resources.
  • WordPress hosting:- It is optimized for WordPress hosting in shared hosting. It comes with SiteGround’s custom tools and software to maximize performance for WordPress.
  • Cloud hosting:- Cloud hosting is most popular among professional bloggers. If your site or blog growing and need a powerful server to handle a good amount of traffic, you can upgrade your hosting plan to Cloud hosting.
  • Dedicated Servers:- The dedicated server is costly than any other hosting, but it gives more power to the website as it is using all resources dedicated; there is no resource sharing concept. The only demerit of dedicated hosting is you need to manage the server by yourself.
  • Enterprise hosting:- Enterprise hosting is for large businesses. It has a challenging server infrastructure and ready to handle high traffic. To get this plan to connect with the SiteGround team, and they will create a custom plan for you.

SiteGround’s Shared Hosting Plans

As I already mentioned above, SiteGround’s shared hosting is the best way to start a new blog. It is available in three different budgets.

  • Startup Plan:- This plan is available for one website. You will get 10 GB storage and 10,000 monthly visitors. You will also get basic features of SiteGround like Daily Backup, free CDN, free Email, and more.
  • GrowBig Plan:- The GrowBig is the second level of the shared hosting plan from SiteGround. It gives you unlimited website hosting with 20 GB storage and 25,000 monthly visitors. You will get all features of startup plan and some of the premium features like Super Cache, wildcard SSL certificates, backup on demands, and many more.
  • GoGeek Plan:- The third plan of SiteGround is GoGeek, it suite for ecommerce business or websites. You will get 30 GB storage in this plan, and it can handle 100,000 monthly visitors. You will get all GrowBig plan features, including advanced features like WordPress staging sites, one-click git repo creation, and more.
SiteGround Hosting Plans

SiteGround Support and Customer Service

SiteGround’s customer support and service is unbitable, as you can see everywhere it markable. They are offering 24/7 support with quick response, helpful, and intelligent solutions to their customers.

They are also supporting phone and live chat support where they are replying instantly. Even you will get an email support response within 10 minutes.

If you want to fix your website issue, SiteGround provides lots of knowledgebase articles, with video, screenshots, guides, and tutorials, which helps you to solve the problem by yourself.

Conclusion: Is SiteGround the right choice for you?

After reading this detailed SiteGround hosting review, I think you can decide to go with SiteGround hosting or not. But if you are still wondering about your web hosting, I am going to share my thoughts.

If you want fast and reliable hosting for your website with top-notch customer support, then SiteGround is perfect for you. They are offering to host with different budgets plans, and each plan comes with unique features.

SiteGround provides SSD storage, and let’s encrypt ssl certificates, one-click WordPress installation, WordPress migration, Cloudflare free CDN, and many more.

If you are going to start a website the first time, then you should go with SiteGround shared hosting, It is perfect for you.

Now, Are you ready to go with SiteGround? If yes, click here to choose your perfect plan for hosting.


Satish Kumar is the founder of SproutCluster. He has built a strong 6-figure online business around Tech, Blogging, SEO, Digital Marketing, etc..

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