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21+ Examples of Email Marketing Campaigns [Template]


11 Aug, 2019

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Email Marketing

Email marketing has become a powerful tool for businesses to reach their target audience. If you want to get started with email marketing, then you should start with these 21+ examples of email marketing campaign templates.

Email marketing is a great way to stay in touch with customers and prospects. It allows you to send messages at times that suit them, whether they’re working or relaxing.

Use these email marketing campaign templates to create a successful email marketing strategy.

1. Example 1: Email Marketing Campaign Template

This example shows how an email can be used to promote your business and products. The template includes the following sections:

• Header

• Main Content

• Footer

The header contains the company name, logo, contact information, etc. The main content section includes a brief description about the product or service being offered. This section also includes the price and any special offers available. Finally, the footer section includes links to social media pages, additional resources, and other important details.

2. Example 2: Email Marketing Campaign Template 2

This email marketing campaign template is similar to the first one but it adds some more features. For instance, there are icons on top of the page that allow users to navigate through different parts of the page easily.

3. Example 3: Email Marketing Campaign Template 3

This email marketing campaign template provides a simple layout that makes it easy for people to read. It also includes a call-to-action button so that visitors know what to do next.

4. Example 4: Email Marketing Campaign Template 4

This email marketing campaign uses a white background color which helps readers focus on the text. It also includes a large headline that draws attention to the message.

5. Example 5: Email Marketing Campaign Template 5

This email marketing campaign template looks professional because of its clean design. There are no distractions on this page which gives the reader all the space he needs to absorb the information provided.

6. Example 6: Email Marketing Campaign Template 6

This email marketing campaign has a very simple layout that focuses on the subject line only. It does not include any images or graphics.

7. Example 7: Email Marketing Campaign Template 7

This email marketing campaign is designed to provide a list of services. It includes a picture of a person smiling while holding a pen. The image is placed right under the title “A Pencil”.

8. Example 8: Email Marketing Campaign Template 8

This email marketing campaign includes a short paragraph describing the benefits of using a particular service.

9. Example 9: Email Marketing Campaign Template 9

This email marketing campaign includes a big bold heading that catches the eye immediately. It also includes a link to a video explaining why someone should use this service.

10. Example 10: Email Marketing Campaign Template 10

This email marketing campaign provides a clear overview of the service being promoted. It includes a few bullet points that describe the service in detail.

11. Example 11: Email Marketing Campaign Template 11

This email marketing campaign promotes a free trial offer. It includes a picture that explains exactly what the user will receive if he signs up for the trial period.

12. Example 12: Email Marketing Campaign Template 12

This email marketing campaign allows users to download an eBook. The headline states clearly what they can expect to get from the download.

13. Example 13: Email Marketing Campaign Template 13

This email marketing campaign emphasizes the importance of signing up for the newsletter. It includes a picture with two hands holding each others fingers.

14. Example 14: Email Marketing Campaign Template 14

This email marketing campaign aims at promoting a new app. It includes a screenshot of the app and a review written by a real customer.

15. Example 15: Email Marketing Campaign Template 15

This email marketing campaign highlights the fact that the visitor is already signed into his account. It includes a picture showing a green check mark.

16. Example 16: Email Marketing Campaign Template 16

This email marketing campaign contains a small section that describes how much time it takes to complete the task.

17. Example 17: Email Marketing Campaign Template 17

This email marketing campaign shows a picture of a happy family enjoying themselves together. It includes a quote about the importance of families.

18. Example 18: Email Marketing Campaign Template 18

This email marketing campaign features a photo of a dog jumping over a fence. It includes a copy of the article where the author wrote about the importance of having pets in your life.

19. Example 19: Email Marketing Campaign Template 19

This email marketing campaign is designed as a thank you note after receiving a gift card. It includes a picture and a short description of the gift card.

20. Example 20: Email Marketing Campaign Template 20

This email marketing campaign encourages people to visit a website. It includes a map that links directly to the site.

21. Example 21: Email Marketing Campaign Template 21

This email marketing campaign offers a discount coupon. It includes a picture highlighting the discount.

22. Example 22: Email Marketing Campaign Template 22

This email marketing campaign uses a cartoon character to explain the purpose of the message. It includes a picture depicting the character.

23. Example 23: Email Marketing Campaign Template 23

This email marketing campaign showcases the benefits of using the product. It includes a picture of the product, along with a list of its features.

24. Example 24: Email Marketing Campaign Template 24

This email marketing campaign focuses on the need to protect oneself online. It includes a picture explaining why this is important.

25. Example 25: Email Marketing Campaign Template 25

This email marketing campaign introduces a new product. It includes a screenshot and a brief description of the product.

26. Example 26: Email Marketing Campaign Template 26

This email marketing campaign has been created to promote a new restaurant. It includes a picture showcasing the menu items available.


Email marketing campaigns are an effective way to reach out to potential customers. They can be used to communicate any type of information, whether it’s news or sales promotions. The key to success lies in choosing the right template that will suit your needs. If you want to learn more about email marketing templates, then we recommend visiting our blog. There, you can find detailed guides on creating different types of emails.


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