Sprout Cluster Online Community's

First Giveaway Distribution Success Story

In 20 days Sprout Cluster community existence, we have been distributed the 5.5 TB of lifetime cloud storage for free among our members.

As you know we celebrated our successful launching in the 2nd August night, and we announce that we will start giving the giveaways to our members before than our expected timelines.

Our first introduced giveaway was 100 GB lifetime cloud storage for free. It was scheduled to start the distribution form 7th August, but due to warm response of applicant and lot of appreciation we decide to start distributing our giveaway 4 days before of its actual schedule.

From 3rd August, Sprout Cluster started to distribute the access for free lifetime cloud storage and members were very happy by this surprise giveaway.

Yes, it was surprise giveaway and members had not any prior information about this free lifetime cloud storage. And believe me reactions after this surprise was very warm and enthusiastic for Sprout Cluster Community core team.

5.5 TB distribution of free Lifetime Cloud storage is really awesome and I need to tell you that this bit beyond than our expectation. But happy to achieve this milestone and eager to get the next, which is tougher, but tiny in comparison of enthusiasm of Sprout Cluster community members.

Is there any limitation of this Sprout Cluster Giveaway?


Yes, there is only one limitation of this giveaway and that is:

“Members are requested not to upgrade their plan to any present paid plan for more storage, otherwise they will automatically surrender their lifetime cloud space and they may have to pay every recurring fixed billing amount. (Amount depends upon the upgrade package).

And if after upgrading members would like roll-back to previous free lifetime plan, then it could be impossible.”

So, we suggest our members that if they like the cloud service from the deliverable vendor then they should use their any alternate email id for their new purchased account.

But if members are happy with this much of storage then they can use this for lifetime.

We also requested our customers to log-in into their cloud account at least once in 10 days, to ensure the security of their account and storage data.

As per our promise we prove our-self as a special community from the day 1.

  • 8 TB Cloud Space Secured for Members 100% 100%
  • 5.5 TB is Distributed 70% 70%
  • 0.4 TB Secured Today 30% 30%
  • 2.1 TB is yet to distribute in August 45% 45%

What’s next in community giveaway Line-up?


Excited to know that, right?

But as I told you that our most of Giveaways will be a surprise, so you need to wait, to know about this.

But next of our line-up is and will one of the biggest giveaway of all time. So, this will be not a surprise giveaway. On 27th August 2018 we will announce about this giveaway.

Be assure by my end that this giveaway will save your $29 every month at least. Most of the bloggers are in India is not using the proper tool to grow their blog, and very few are using proper tool. This next Giveaway of SproutCluster line-up will be beneficial for both of them.

Now. If you are a member of Sprout Cluster Online community then you don’t need to pay full price for any tool, resource, tutorials, WordPress themes or Plugins.

You only need to join the Sprout Cluster online community if you are in blogging, SEO, SMM or Digital Marketing field.

Hey, c’mon.

Don’t be selfish. Tell your colleagues and friends too about Sprout Cluster Online Comunity and let them get the benefit of this awesome opportunity too. I promise you, your part of services and giveaways will not get negatively affected.

So, Start spreading a word about us and be hero in your group of digitally presence people.