The Technical SEO Terms

Like any other specialized industry, SEO has its own unique set of terminology and definitions used by SEO professionals.

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The Technical SEO Terms E-book

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Technical SEO Terms

Technical SEO refers to the “behind the scenes” techniques that are used to help optimize a site to rank well in search engine results.

Technical SEO is important for any site, but it is especially critical for e-commerce sites because they often have to compete with product pages on other e-commerce websites.

This book will equip you with some advanced technical SEO terminology. These are keywords that you might see when performing technical SEO tasks.

Technical SEO is a subset of SEO, which deals with making sure that your website is accessible to search engines. It focuses on the technical side of things like web page speed, mobile friendliness, schema markup, etc.

Technical SEO can be split up into three parts: on-page SEO, off-page SEO and technical checks.

A successful SEO campaign can result in increased traffic to your website, higher rankings in search engines for relevant keywords and phrases, and better online reputations.

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Chapter 1

Technical SEO is a subset of SEO that focuses on the technical aspects of a webpage and its content. Technical SEO is not about the design or writing of a webpage, but it’s about how search engine crawlers and algorithms see and understand the content.

Technical SEO starts with the webmaster’s job, which is to create a webpage that can be easily crawled by search engine crawlers. It continues with the content writer’s job, which is to provide high-quality text that can be easily read by both humans and machines. And lastly it continues with the webmaster’s job again, which is to find out how well these two jobs have been done and make adjustments accordingly.

The checklist below will help you to improve the site’s SEO. These are the basics, if you would like to go in depth with your optimization work, there are plenty of resources out there.

It is important to keep in mind that if you want to make your site search engine friendly, you should do some keyword research and identify a target audience for your products or services.

Some of the questions that need to be answered before starting on a new website project include: Who is my target audience? What keywords should I use? What content formatting works best on my site? What type of content should I add?



Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of one’s website or web page in a search engine’s un-paid (“natural”) results. A successful SEO campaign can result in increased traffic to your website, higher rankings for relevant keywords and phrases, and better online reputations.

Having read many seo books this is by far the easiest to read and understand. Great tips for improving any site without. Great stuff.

John on The technical SEO terms.

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