SEO 101:

A Begnner’s Guide

SEO is very complicated in smart optimization to rank on #1, but understanding the basics of SEo is not so hard.

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SEO 101 A Begnner’s Guide E-book

About The Book

How To Optimize Your Website For Search Engines

In order to optimize your website for search engines, you’ll need a SEO expert who is familiar with the latest in SEO. They will help you understand how to use keywords in your title tags and meta descriptions, and they’ll teach you how to organize content that will best attract viewers.

Search engine optimization is a process of altering the website to make it more visible to search engines.

Search engine optimization is a process of making alterations to a site to improve its visibility in search engines. SEO techniques can be classified as either on-page or off-page. On-page techniques are taken care of by the website owner, while off-page techniques depend on other websites linking back to the site or mentioning it in their content.

Optimizing a website for search engines is a crucial step to take if you want your business to survive in this competitive digital world.

What’s inside


SEO Strategies

Increase website’s visibility


SEO Cost

Digital marketing budget



Targeted search goals


Website Optimize

Google error free site


Rank Higher

First Page Rank


Organic Traffic

People should find you

Chapter 1

SEO is the process of reaching the top of search engine results pages for a given keyword or search. This can be done by optimizing a website to rank higher in the search engine.

SEO is becoming more and more important as it has a direct impact on a company’s success on the internet. SEO is what allows people to find your content online and improves your conversion rates.

Search engine optimization has become more important than ever before. As the internet proliferates, so does the competition of websites to rank higher on Google’s SERP.

SEO is a number of strategies that are used to rank higher in search engines. It is vital for businesses on the web because businesses tend to make most of their money on their websites rather than storefronts or retail locations.



You want to ensure that your content is remarkable so it ranks well in the search engine result pages (SERP). It has to be relevant and valuable to your reader so they keep coming back for more.

A good book showing the step needed to be able to earn some good cash. It not show you how to do thigngs, but instead show you what to do. I particularly like the soul warning at the end.

John Doe on SEO 101 – A Begnners Guide.

This book is down to earth and gives an easy way to enter in blogging world. Apart from this it really helps out on important topics which are usually neglected by websites. Best part is that it's not lengthy and easy to understand.

Steave on SEO 101 – A Begnners Guide.

Amzing knowledge provided in this book, one must read this for ethical blogging and of course to earn respect and money

Ashwani on SEO 101 – A Begnners Guide.

About the author.

Satish Kumar

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I love to work on Digital and Internet media, working with several startups and entrepreneurs.

I have completed my Master in Computer Application in 2011 and started my career as an IT Engineer. I came to know about blogging during my early university years, and it interested me as something in which I can invest my money and time so here I am as a digital marketer and blogger, earning and enjoying through online media and internet.

My Mission

“I want to educate maximum people around me about passive income and how to make it. My mission is to help people to earn online and maintain dot com lifestyle.”

Satish Kumar

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