Podcast: A Beginners Guide

As a beginner looking for How to start a podcast, this is the right book for you. It is well explained what you need to start a podcast for your business.

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Podcast A Beginner’s Guide E-book

About The Book

How Does One Get Started with Their First Episode?

You will need an idea, an outline, and equipment. You can either start by recording into your phone or using a digital recorder. It’s not necessary to buy the most expensive equipment; there are many affordable options out there. If you are worried about starting off with too much equipment, try starting with just recording on your phone.

Podcasts are a type of radio show.

A podcast is an episodic series of digital audio or video files which a user can download and enjoy.

In the present day, podcasting is often used as a marketing tool.

Podcasts have been popular for years, but they’ve gained more traction as social media has increased its popularity as well.

One way that podcasts share information is through open ended questions for the listeners to relate to their own experience with.

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Room Tone

Noise in the Room



On one Track



Left and Right Channel



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Chapter 1

The word podcast is derived from the combination of the words iPod (a portable media player) and broadcast (radio or TV). Podcasts were originally just audio recordings that you could download for playback on your iPod. This led to the term ‘podcaster,’ which was used to describe someone who records and distributes podcasts.

Podcasts are a form of episodic media, meaning they are released in episodes. Episodes can be downloaded, streamed, or listened to through other means like video players embedded in social media platforms like YouTube or Facebook.

Podcasts can be helpful in many ways. They can make people laugh, inspire them and even change their lives. Podcasts are an interesting way to learn new things and enhance knowledge of different topics.

Podcasts are a very popular form of media nowadays and for many reasons. They help you learn, they entertain and they open your mind to new ideas that you might not have heard about otherwise. Podcasts offer a variety of benefits that will keep people coming back for more each day. This is not just because podcasts are great, but also because it is easy to do as well as more convenient than other forms of media such as radio or television.

The best podcasting software for beginners looks like an online radio station. It has all the necessary features to create successful podcasts. You can easily create episodes, download or upload podcast episodes, and share your content on social media platforms. There are also tools to help you edit audio files and get started with YouTube videos.

Podcasts are becoming more popular day by day because of their ability to engage viewers in a great story by telling it through the ears instead of the eyes. Podcasts are a great way to build up your audience because you can reach them when they’re in traffic, commuting, or working out in the gym.



The rise of podcasts can be partly attributed to the success of Serial and other podcast series that have been popular in the past decade.

Love this book. It's easy to read and fun in style but it's also the most practical book. It leads you through the thought processes and planning requirements to make a podcast successful,right into the implementation. It has helped me to plan my podcast and I will be launching in the next couple of months. Highly recommended.

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