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Social Media Articles: A Look at the Struggles & Ultimate Solutions

Social media platforms are not the simplest things to navigate. From understanding their privacy settings to deciding which hashtags to use, it’s often hard to keep up with all of the changes that Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more are constantly making.

Today we’re going to take a look at some of the struggles that people tend to face online and what you can do about them.

Why People Struggle With Social Media

Social media is a term we use to describe the internet media platforms we use to share and express our thoughts, opinions, and activities. It’s become such a significant part of our lives that it has also become one of the most important channels for marketers to reach out to their target audience.

The problem with social media is that it can be an addictive drug. People who find themselves struggling with social media will often say they feel like they “need” to check for updates or messages.

Social media addiction is a growing problem and if left unchecked it could lead to serious consequences including financial difficulties and family problems.

5 Common Struggles Faced on Social Media Platforms Today

In this article, we’ll go through the five most common struggles faced by social media platforms today.

Users are getting tired of seeing the same ads over and over again. Some people are also getting frustrated with Instagram’s story feature. Plus, there are still different rules for different social media platforms.

1) Twitter Advertisement Issues: People are complaining about not being able to view tweets until they’ve clicked on them.

2) Facebook Advertisement Issues: People don’t like seeing ads on their news feed after they’ve already seen them in their inboxes or timelines.

3) Instagram Story Problems: People don’t like that stories disappear after 24 hours and that you can’t replay stories that you missed or that aren’t highlighted in your timeline.

The Solution for Every One Of These Struggles

Facebook has an app for everything.

Facebook is doing everything to make its products available on-the-go. From the Facebook App Store to Facebook Lite, it is clear that Facebook wants to be with you wherever you are.

Facebook also offers a suite of products that are completely separate from the website, including Instagram, Whatsapp, Messenger and Instagram Stories.

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