Blog Compass by Google

All you need to know about this 360-degree blogging tool

Blog compass by Google is an app that helps bloggers manage their site and find topics to write about. Blog Compass suggests trending topics based on your interests and posting history. You can track site stats, approve comments, and read tips for how to make your blog more successful all in one place. The app is compatible with WordPress and blogs.”

This is the introduction for this app called “Blog Compass by Google.” You’ll see only this app by Google LLC in the Google Play app store, which is only 100+ downloads.

Blog Compass app is now running in Beta mode, and every feedback is considered very seriously by the Google developers of this app. If you would like to contact the developers, who are working on this app, then they provide the email address for same.

The contact email address for Blog Compass developer is:
Here you can ask a fundamental question, that is:

Why is Google developing “Blog Compass by Google” app?

Google is developing this app to provide the 360-degree analytics and support to bloggers. As you can read in the introduction that, Blog Compass will help bloggers to manage their blogs and find topics to write about.

When this app fully develops then this app will show you the trending or required topics, on which you should write about.

Indirectly Google will inspire you to write about the topics, about which people are searching for but not satisfied with the current search result. Many times it happened that people search for an answer, but they found Google unable to answer for same.

Mostly this happens with the trending topics, as people search for any query about trending hashtag on Twitter in their area. They want to know the origin for the particular tag or why this topic is generating an enormous amount of public interest for that specific topic. However, many times Google fail to answer the exact.

First, you’ll need to know more about that topic, and then you can find some information regarding that.

When this app will develop finally and release without the beta tag, it will suggest you for any trending topic, which people are searching for. You’ll write on those to grab some part of the traffic to your blog, and Google will have the content on that topic too. So, it will be a kind of win-win situation for bloggers and Google both.

I’m using this App. Blog Compass will not be able to help you to find the topics and keywords, as like some premium tools. Google will need to do more work on this, after-all Blog Compass is now running in beta mode, so till the final release maybe this will take a different face and quality in functionality.

How to download Blog Compass by Google App for Android

Blog compass is now available for Android mobile users, and this app can be download directly from the Google Play Appstore by searching for “Blog Compass” or “Blog Compass by Google.”

You can download this Blog Compass app by clicking this link:

Click Here to Download Blog Compass by Google

After downloading the app into your android mobile, here I’m describing to you the steps to follow and set up the app for your blog.
However, before dive into the setup process, you need to know few things. Those are:

• Blog Compass is now supporting only 2 platforms, first is and other is self-hosted WordPress websites.
• Before setting up the app, please make sure that your blog/website is connected with any Google Analytics account.
• You’ll need to sign in into your device from the Google account, with which account Google Analytics is set up for the particular blog or website.
• If you are using WordPress, then make sure “Jetpack” is installed and set up on your website. You can download it for free from the “Add Plugin” sub-menu under the “Plugins” menu.

After completing all these 4 points of the checklist, you are good to go. Now we will see:

How to setup Blog Compass by Google in Android Device


We are going to start the steps to setup the Blog Compass by Google so, we are assuming that you’ve already installed this app from Google Play Android App store.

Blog Compass Welcome Screen

Enter Your Google Email

Submit Password

Accept the Agreement

Select Language and Country

Select Blogging Platform

Here you can see that, you have very limited option to select for language and country. Because this Blog Compass app is now running in beta mode and only available in the country India.

As like Language and country, only and WordPress is supported as the Blogging platform. Google is planning for increasing the no. of countries, language and blogging platform or not, it is not clear as of now.

you also should notice here one thing, that is for WordPress blogging platform. If your blog is on Self-Hosted WordPress, then Jetpack plugin must be installed in your blog/website.

OK, now click on next:

Login into Your WordPress

Select blog from WP account

Google Search Console Verification needed

Before starting the steps, we instruct you all to keep ready some necessary tools and connections. If your website is already connected to Google search Console, then you’ll quickly get the next screen of verified in Blog Compass. Otherwise, you’ll see problem message. Remember the second set up screen, where a Google email was required to sign in.

In that step, you need to sign in with the Google account by which you have connected your search console (webmaster tool) and website.

Now, move to the next step.

Search Console Verified

Connect to Google Analytics

Successfully connected to GA

If your Blog or Website is connected with the Google Search Console and Google Analytics, then you’ll not feel any difficulty and very smoothly you’ll get the successful message one-by-one in Blog Compass by Google app.

Select Category (Max. 5)

Connect to Google Analytics

Congrats! Your Blog Compass app is now ready to use

Now you’ll have to pass these 2 screens, in first you’ll ask to select the category. At the time of choosing the category you need to keep some factors in mind. Such as:

  • You only can select 5 category, maximum.
  • You’ll get suggested and trending topic from Blog Compass by Google, according to your opted categories.
  • You can select categories as per your Blog category. (As I can suggest)
  • If you’re running a multi-niche or news blog, choose carefully to get the most of Blog Compass.

Blog Compass will suggest you topics and headings, which are or can trend on search engines. Obviously, these data and suggestion will from Google as per search data of Google Search engine data. Because Google also using, WordPress public API so result may also get affected from the search pattern on WordPress directory.

After opting the 5 best fit category, you’re done.

Now you’ll redirected to the Home screen of your Blog Compass by Google App.

Thank You Very Much!

Thank you very much for your valuable time on this article. Now we are using it and very soon, we will come back with all the tips and techniques to use this tool and get the most of it.

Blog Compass by Google is now in beta mode and only for Indians it is available to use and provide feedback. It’s a great honour and  we thank Google LLC for this.

If you’re also using it , then please provide us feedback, so we can make our next article more precise. If you’re not using it till yet, then please download and give this app a try.

Thanking You!